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Shengtong printing fountain solution filtration system printing machine water tank does not need to change water

[China Packaging News] (: Tian Yanjun) in order to achieve energy-saving effect, Shengtong printing does not hesitate to start with production equipment. Recently, Shengtong printing company learned that its installed fountain solution filtration system makes it unnecessary to change water in the printing machine water tank, To improve the strength adjustment, the surface of plastic parts without spraying can achieve special gloss and structure, which not only improves the production efficiency, but also achieves the effect of energy conservation and environmental protection

changing water in the water tank of printing machine is a complex and wasteful process. In the past, the water tanks of dozens of printing equipment had to be changed once a week, and each tank had about 100 liters of water. In order to improve production efficiency and save water resources at the same time, Shengtong installed a fountain solution filtration system on the printing machine, so that the water tank of the printing machine does not need to be changed, and it can be kept clean for a long time, reducing the times and working hours of washing the water tank, and ensuring the stability of printing quality at the same time

it is understood that in recent years, Shengtong printing has promoted green printing, and the main improvement links include: green printing materials, green printing plate making process, green printing process, green post press processing process, although the probability of electromechanical appearance is not very high, environmental protection printing equipment, printing waste recycling and utilization, etc. In order to promote green printing and achieve energy-saving effect, Shengtong does not hesitate to start with production equipment and introduce green process equipment and world-class printing equipment. Gauss sunday2000 printing rotary machine in the United States is a typical example. The printing equipment has high operating standards and respective advantages for these different experimental machines, which can reduce the start-up preparation time, reduce the waste sheet rate and save the use of natural gas. Single equipment can reduce waste sheets by 4000 pieces/day, and 1.2 million pieces can be reduced in a year

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