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Keyua company: innovation and service are not relaxed in the crisis

the financial crisis that is still spreading has overwhelmed many large chemical companies, and keyua company, one of the world's largest manufacturers of flame retardants, has not been spared. Keyua American company submitted an application for bankruptcy protection to the relevant local departments in southern New York State in March this year. Is kejuya's business in China affected at present? What adjustments have been made to the development strategy in China? Ms. Lu lanen, vice president of kejuya company and head of flame retardant business department, who came to China for an investigation, was interviewed

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Lu lanen said that kejuya company was formed by integrating the advantages of the original Compton and Great Lakes chemical companies. It is one of the world's largest manufacturers of special chemicals, with a total sales volume of 3.5 billion US dollars in 2008. Kejuya is a global leader in polymer additives, especially in flame retardants

Lu lanen has been engaged in the research and development of flame retardants and the management of the overall business for a long time. Talking about the flame retardant business of kejuya, she told that the flame retardant business accounted for 20% of the business of kejuya, and it was a department of strategic significance. Under the trend of continuously strengthening the global awareness of fire safety and improving fire prevention standards, the development potential of kejuya flame retardant business is huge. " We are one of the three largest bromine flame retardants suppliers in the world, and the supply of phosphorus flame retardants ranks second in the world. At the same time, there are antimony flame retardants synergistic effect. PBT in China is mainly used in the manufacture of electronic appliances, automotive/mechanical accessories and directly used in fiber, optical fiber and cable sheath, film and other agents, smoke suppressants, etc. our products involve more than 100 varieties of three series. Among them, bromine flame retardants are the most powerful variety of UNIVAC in the fourth quarter of last year. In south Arkansas, the United States, and the deadsea region of Israel, where bromine resources are the most abundant in the world, we have built bromine production plants and signed long-term strategic procurement agreements, ensuring that we can have resource advantages for a long time, which is crucial to the sustainable development of bromine flame retardants business'

focus on product safety and environmental protection

in addition to resource advantages, the important reason why kejuya can maintain a leading position in the world also lies in their environmental protection innovation and development strategy. Lu lanen said that kejuya has always been committed to providing customers with efficient, safe and environmentally friendly flame retardant products, and has long put forward the concept of 'green is better'. She pointed out that flame retardants are essential in modern human life, but with the continuous improvement of global environmental concern and people's increasing awareness of environmental protection, as well as the improvement of flame retardant standards and safety performance requirements in various countries, the flame retardant industry is facing the dual requirements of increasing high performance and green environmental protection

in recent years, kejuya has insisted on taking improving the flame retardant performance and environmental protection performance of products as the innovation goal. Kejuya has successively developed polybrominated styrene for engineering plastics such as nylon, brominated carbonate oligomers for polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) and polycarbonate (PC) connectors, etc. compared with small molecular flame retardants, these polymeric flame retardants have good compatibility with plastic substrates and more stable performance, and are currently recognized as environmentally friendly flame retardants. Lu lanen told that kejuya has to invest a lot of money in technological innovation and product research and development every year. Even in the situation of the financial crisis, it has not reduced its R & D investment. She hoped that the research and development of new products would provide technical reserves for the new economic growth cycle after the crisis. In addition to working hard on the environmental protection of the product itself, kejuya also actively cooperates with users to jointly promote the voluntary action plan for the release control of flame retardants and strive to minimize the release of flame retardants to the environment

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