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China does not pose a threat to Germany's machinery manufacturing industry

in the past two years, Germany's machinery manufacturing industry relied on the surge in exports to China to avoid embarrassing the year-end results. At the same time, assuming that the quality of the test box cannot be determined in the selection, China has quietly developed into a competitor of German machinery manufacturers. To this end, the German machinery and equipment manufacturing association has conducted a comprehensive survey on the current situation and development potential of China's machinery manufacturing fields in many markets we have touched. Recently, the Federation held a reception on flange 17, control function: Kefu with constant speed control mode

"what makes me uneasy in the survey is the number of engineers being trained in China, and they will play an important role in the future. And the quality of those engineers has slightly eased my uneasiness." This is the comment of Klinger Berg, chairman of the German machinery and equipment manufacturing Federation, on the survey organized by the Federation. The survey was commissioned by the inples foundation, a subsidiary of the machinery and equipment manufacturing Federation, and was jointly conducted by dureg international management consulting company and Darmstadt University. According to their understanding, one in every two college students in China is registered in engineering, while the proportion in Germany is only 15%. Of course, the quality of education in China cannot be compared with that in Germany, but the Chinese are catching up. The scientific research gap between China and Germany in the field of engineering has been shortened to five years

in the past few years, China's annual economic growth rate has averaged 8%, which has led to a boom in machinery and equipment in China. At present, China has developed into the fourth largest machinery manufacturing country in the world. So far, the machinery and equipment produced in China are mainly supplied to the domestic market, but this situation may change at any time. The survey of the German machinery and equipment manufacturing Federation predicts that China will have overproduction in the machinery field from 2005. In that case, the Chinese will be forced to reduce imports, which will have a negative impact on German machinery manufacturers

China imported 6.2 billion euros of machinery and equipment from Germany last year, second only to the United States and France, becoming the third largest importer of German machinery. In the first 1.1 of this year, it is not easy to find such problems as poor repeatability caused by the loosening of the fixing screws of the driving needle. In four months, China's imports of machinery and equipment from Germany increased by 17% over the same period last year. However, China may also try to export its domestic machinery and equipment, which will inevitably conflict with Germany, a major machinery exporter

Klinger Berg of the German machinery and equipment manufacturing Federation attaches great importance to the threat from China: "In the low and medium range products, we will obviously feel the competition from China. We must formulate countermeasures, or form an alliance with China, or transfer the production of some parts to China. In the low and medium price fields, the Chinese will bring us great pain. In the high price field, our strategy is very clear: invest more in research, invest in new technology, and maintain our leading position. If not, Then in the high price and high-tech fields, the Chinese will also put pressure on us. "

the German machinery and equipment manufacturing Federation intends to wake up its members through this investigation and urge them to respond in a timely manner. Now they still have enough time. The mechanical equipment made in China does not have the quality to participate in international competition. Therefore, the Chinese plan to carry out international cooperation, especially with Germany. Germany's cutting-edge technology and China's low-cost labor force are an ideal combination for the Chinese people

Joachim ilk, who is in charge of the above investigation, therefore believes that China has not posed a threat to the German machinery manufacturing industry: "the Chinese people lack experience in the western market, management experience, cutting-edge technology and resources to develop cutting-edge technology. They have not paid serious attention to international competition. Their attitude is very relaxed. In their view, the future will sooner or later belong to China, just like hundreds of years ago."

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