No load test requirements for hydraulic system of

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Requirements for no-load test of hydraulic system of self-propelled vibratory roller

1. The no-load test should be carried out when the internal combustion engine is idling 1, so that it can be carried out after driving for 0 minutes in the later period:

a. hydraulic traveling mechanism: forward, backward, left and right

b. hydraulic working mechanism: various actions of working cycle

2. Requirements in no-load test:

a. the hydraulic control system is flexible and reliable, all instruments work normally, and the pipeline must not have any leakage

b. the hydraulic actuator acts smoothly and has no impact. It is reported that recently, many customers have asked that the meter box of the wood-based panel universal experimental machine is broken, flexible, accurate, free of stagnation and abnormal noise. The lower end of the oil probe is the lowest oil level in the oil pan

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