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Jingmen packaging company developed nano fresh-keeping cartons without secondary fresh-keeping treatment

application process and connecting the power cord of the hydraulic universal experimental machine

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core tip: how much technical content can a carton containing fruits and vegetables have? Yu Hao, who graduated from Beijing Institute of petroleum and chemical engineering in 1997, and his team successfully developed nano fresh-keeping for 7 years. Its stability, reliability and working efficiency can be comparable with similar foreign products. He founded Zhihe packaging and Printing Co., Ltd. and became the only enterprise in China that has nano fresh-keeping packaging technology for repeated violations or other serious circumstances. Recently, I came to Jingmen Dongbao Industrial Park to see this magical nano fresh-keeping carton

[China Packaging News] how much technical content can a carton containing fruits and vegetables have? Yu Hao, who graduated from Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology in 1997, and his team spent 7 years successfully developing nano fresh-keeping cartons, founded Zhihe Packaging Printing Co., Ltd., and became the only enterprise in China with nano fresh-keeping packaging technology. Recently, I came to Jingmen Dongbao Industrial Park to see this magical nano fresh-keeping carton

the company's workshop is busy, and workers are rushing to make a batch of orders of 30million yuan. At first glance, this carton is nothing special. The secret is in the carton interlayer. Yu Hao, the general manager, said that Ms material can strongly absorb the ripening ethylene gas produced by the respiration of fruits and vegetables in the box, inhibit the respiration of fruits and vegetables, and keep them fresh for a long time

Yu Hao said that due to improper fresh-keeping technology, about 30% of fresh fruits and vegetables are lost in the process of storage, transportation and sales. Using nano fresh-keeping cartons to store and transport fruits and vegetables at room temperature, the fresh-keeping time is 1.5 times longer than that of ordinary cartons. There is no need for fresh-keeping films and fresh-keeping bags for further packaging, which is truly green and pollution-free

talking about the process of inventing this technology, Yu Hao was quite impressed. At first, he cooperated with a Korean enterprise to introduce its new fresh-keeping carton technology. After mass production, the cost remains high. Ordinary cartons cost only 2 yuan and fresh-keeping cartons cost 3.5 yuan, which is not accepted by the market. After many improvements, the effect has been achieved through close cooperation with Southwest Aluminum Company subordinate to Aluminum Corporation of China and Beijing Institute of aeronautical materials. The industrial trial production is not large, and Korean enterprises have no confidence, so they withdraw and take away the formula

after this failure, Yu Hao, who studied chemistry, decided to do it by himself and develop a new formula. He and his team have done a lot of experiments on the origin of fruits and vegetables. After more than 30 formula improvements, it took 7 years to successfully develop the magical MS powder and won 7 utility model patent certificates issued by the State Intellectual Property Office

at the end of 2014, Zhihe company applied this technology to the field of fresh-keeping packaging of fruits and vegetables, mass produced MS nano fresh-keeping cartons, and cooperated with more than 300 agricultural industrial bases and more than 800 e-commerce companies across the country. This year, it is expected to produce more than 35 million square meters of MS nano fresh-keeping packaging materials, with a total output value of 130 million yuan. With the new process formula, the cost of MS nano fresh-keeping materials per square meter will only increase by 10 cents. If allocated to a carton, it will only increase by 30 cents. Yu Hao said that six formulas have been developed for different fruits and vegetables, which are applicable to more than 40 varieties of fruits and vegetables. Mangoes produced in Hainan have to be picked and packed before ripening for long-distance transportation. With nano fresh-keeping cartons, the same transportation time, eight mature picking can be. Yu Hao said that due to the difference in taste, the eight mature ones may be twice as expensive as the five mature ones

fruits and vegetables are directly packed in the field without secondary fresh-keeping treatment and expensive cold chain logistics. Storage at room temperature can save costs. The small MS nano fresh-keeping carton is of great significance

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