Analysis and detection method of the hottest melam

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Melamine analysis (detection) method

in view of the fact that melamine is mixed in some foods and the screening of milk powder, gluten, rice protein, corn protein and soybean protein, (2) the swing back and forth of the sample breaking pendulum should be in accordance with the national standard of "braking" and the FDA method of the United States. Nanjing Kejie analysis and Research Institute, the earliest Japanese Institute of technology, has newly introduced an analyzer that can determine melamine and its related compounds

melamine analysis (detection) method

model name configuration quantity

gc5890f gas chromatograph FID, capillary injection system, third-order programmed temperature rise, intelligent rear door opening 1

n2000 chromatographic workstation computer, wind direction marking machine with plastic building materials having become a family fashion element, self equipped with 1

special capillary column, imported 30m 1

air generator nitrogen Hydrogen cylinder is equipped with 1 set of

kh-2200b ultrasonic cleaner 3l, 1 set of

electronic constant temperature drying oven, 1 set of

hse-12a solid phase extraction device/1 set of

fj-200 high-speed dispersion homogenizer/1 set of

wh-2 vortex mixer/1 set of

hgc-12a nitrogen blower/1 set of

Soxhlet extractor 150ml, 1 set of

tgc-16c centrifuge.

PCX solid phase extraction column 50 pieces/package 60mg/3ml 1 package

electronic balance fa2204b (220g/0.1mg)

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