The hottest remediation of heavy metal illegal ent

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This year, Xinjiang will comprehensively rectify heavy metal pollution in key industries, strictly prevent heavy metal pollution incidents, and implement "six unifications" rectification measures for heavy metal illegal enterprises

recently, it was learned from the implementation plan of the special action of the autonomous region to rectify illegal sewage discharge enterprises to ensure the health and environmental protection of the masses in 2012 that the "six unifications" rectification measures mean that backward production processes that do not conform to the industrial policies of the state and the Autonomous Region and should be eliminated are banned; For those without environmental impact assessment or failing to meet the requirements of environmental impact assessment, all production will be stopped. (2) organize the implementation of new material folding project remediation; If the "three Simultaneities" of environmental protection, safety facilities and occupational health are not implemented in place, production shall be stopped; For non pollution control facilities, pollution control facilities that are not in normal operation or exceed the standard discharge, they shall be shut down for rectification; For those who cannot meet the requirements of the estimated protection distance in the next five years according to law, they shall be shut down for rectification; If the investigation and rectification work is not in place and major environmental pollution incidents occur, they shall be investigated. It can also provide users with navigation

the scheme stipulates that the "double veto" will be implemented for areas with poor heavy metal remediation and major environmental pollution events, that is, all environmental protection honorary titles will be rejected when selecting; During the assessment of heavy metal pollution prevention and control objectives and tasks, the output will increase with the increase of automation equipment, and the "regional approval restriction" for heavy metal industry will be implemented in this area

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