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The remote agent and intelligent data "smart customer service" improves the water service level

for a while, let's start with the experimental machine produced by us. The machine bell rings. Recently, at 8:30 p.m. in the hot summer, Chen Feidi, a telephone operator who is steadily chasing the Japanese and Korean giants, answered the bell immediately after hearing the bell. While inquiring about the situation, he logged into the computer system at home and entered the work order. It turned out that this was a family seat debugging for the telephone operators of Shaoxing water industry company. Through the smart customer service model as a strategic supplier of innovative material solutions, it effectively improved the emergency response capacity and management service level

it is understood that in recent years, Shaoxing water industry company has created smart customer service, actively explored the remote agent working mode, and effectively improved the emergency response capacity of the center. The water operator only needs one computer to work at home. When encountering sudden emergencies such as tube explosion and freezing, the remote agent function can also quickly increase the number of agents without missing the incoming call of each user, and can create a new work order on the computer in real time for circulation, so as to ensure that the service standard and service quality are not reduced in case of sudden emergencies

in addition, using intelligent data analysis technology, it can also analyze the user's business consulting history in multiple dimensions, analyze the hot issues that users are generally concerned about, find the best solution, and improve the customer service experience

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