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Reminder: before buying packaged drinks, we should look four times

summer is the peak season of beverage consumption. In the morning, we learned from the Provincial Administration for Industry and commerce that beverage complaints have become a hot spot in the past three months, including roadside stalls and small shops around schools. For comparative analysis, some drinks used for brewing also have quality problems

according to the statistical information of 12315, many consumers complain only after they have problems buying drinks. For example, Mr. Wang, a consumer, reported not long ago that a brand of beverage sold in a supermarket next to Zhenjiang railway station was fake, and the consumer demanded compensation. The supermarket disagreed and had a bad attitude. The local industrial and commercial authorities inspected and confiscated the fake drinks sold in the supermarket, and filed a case. Mr. Zhang of Zhenjiang and Ms. Wang of Jurong reported that their children bought disposable drinks at the grocery store near the school after class. After drinking, they developed vomiting and diarrhea, and then sent the child to the hospital for treatment. After mediation, the merchant bore the treatment costs and compensated for the relevant losses

industrial and commercial personnel reminded that consumers often encounter situations that are often affected by experimental temperature, humidity, impact speed, sample geometry and stress mode when buying beverages, including purchasing counterfeit, expired or foreign matter impurities. These unqualified beverages are mainly sold in roadside vendors, station wharfs, small restaurants near schools and other places. Therefore, when buying drinks, consumers had better choose regular stores and try not to buy unpackaged bulk drinks. Packaged drinks should be "four looks" on the spot: check the shelf life; Check whether there is turbidity; Check the bottle cap and outer package; Check the manufacturer's unique anti-counterfeiting logo, especially when purchasing frozen caked drinks, the appearance is not easy to find, and special attention should be paid when purchasing. (Xu Xiaofeng)

information source: Yangzi Evening News

states that "10msec" means 100 data measurements in one minute:

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