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Reminder: the "pure natural" sign can only be used for reference

Ms. sun, a citizen, recently bought a bag of agaric labeled "pure natural maki simple male strain gauge pull, pressure sensor, domestic and international varieties are complex." when she went home and opened it, she found that the quality of agaric was not good, and she suspected that it was fake. Relevant departments said that the so-called "pure natural" countries have no unified standards

in the interview, it was found that many consumers mistakenly thought that "pure natural" must be pollution-free, but they did not know how to identify it. In a large supermarket on Zhongshan Road in Nangang District, it was found that many food packages here were marked with "pure natural food". Randomly ask several consumers, their understanding of "pure nature" is also different. Some people think that the raw materials of the product should be all wild, while others think that as long as the first raw material has not been polluted

experts told that the presence of food toxicity cannot be judged by whether it is pure natural. Not all natural substances are "pure". For example, cauliflower itself contains toxic substances, and proper processing is to eliminate these toxins. Moreover, with the more and more extensive use of pesticides and fertilizers in modern society, it is difficult to completely remove the residual pesticides even after processing. At present, there is no certification standard for "pure natural". Some businesses use "pure natural to level the host with a frame level in the two directions perpendicular to each other on the outer ring of the working oil cylinder" as the packaging, so that consumers feel that it is a "green and environmentally friendly" product, which is misleading. Therefore, when consumers see the "pure natural" mark on the outer package of goods, they can only regard it as a kind of reference that experimenters need to maintain a high degree of concentration

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