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Remind slow-moving locomotives to set led auxiliary lights in the waiting area

the waiting area for locomotives is the pain of many locomotive families. Xinbei Transportation Bureau improves the conflict between locomotives and straight trains by setting left turn lanes. However, the road width in many areas is too small to delimit special lanes. The Transportation Bureau has come up with the idea of setting led auxiliary lights in the waiting area to remind straight trains to drive. At present, Zhonghe bridge and Lu left turn qiao'an Street are selected as demonstration areas, It is expected to increase by more than 20 by the end of the year

the Transportation Bureau has set up a special left turn lane for locomotives. On the 11th of this month, a new intersection of Zhonghe Zhongzheng road and Jiankang road has been added. The number of left turn lanes in the city has increased to 33. Riders do not need to go to the waiting area to significantly reduce the conflict between locomotives. However, there are still many urban roads that are narrow, so it is quite difficult to draw another special lane

Chen Jiancheng, chief of the traffic control engineering section of the Transportation Bureau, pointed out for example that the intersection of Zhonghe Bridge Road and qiao'an street is a T-shaped intersection, where the slow car turns left to the waiting area. Because there is not enough space to retreat, it has to be configured on the outer lane. The straight turbine car has directly crossed the waiting area, and the process is full of danger

Chen Jiancheng said that the Transportation Bureau changed to bury LED strip lights in the frame of the left turn waiting area. When the light source was insufficient, the LED flashing light mode was automatically started when the signal of qiao'an road was green, reminding the drivers of straight vehicles to slow down when passing through the area, avoiding the waiting area, strengthening the left turn machine at the intersection, and the slow train must have no obvious swing, impact and other phenomenal waiting instructions in mid September 2017. At present, the test effect is good, It is expected that 20 more will be established by the end of the year

in addition to the new measures for marking lines, the Transportation Bureau also selected 14 locations such as Banqiao, Sanchong, Xinzhuang, Zhonghe, Yonghe, many OEM manufacturers, Tucheng, Danshui District, and set up special parking spaces for roadside electric locomotives. It is expected to provide about 150 electric locomotives for use. In the future, it will review the setting of electric locomotives charging equipment to encourage people to use electric locomotives more

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