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Remedent adopts new packaging

in order to meet the needs of users and improve sales, modern toothbrush manufacturers have switched from traditional bubble packaging to clean and hygienic PETG tube packaging

Mr. Kenneth hegemann, director of Research Department of remedenttm company in the United States, has a very clear point of view: since double headed products are better than single headed ones, isn't it better to have three heads? Remedent, the manufacturer of three toothbrushes and rubber brushes in Escondido, CA, is facing a new challenge: to show potential consumers the differences and advantages of its products

the brush produced by remedenttm company has its unique features: one end is a big tooth brush and tongue scraper, and the other end is a double headed rubber brush. This kind of toothbrush placed next to other ordinary toothbrushes will certainly attract attention to 110V AC +/⑴ 0% 50/60hz. However, without supplementary packaging, this toothbrush is easy to be ignored by consumers when browsing the shelves. Mr. hefemann said that this happened to the packaging previously used by the company - PVC blisters on the background card printed in four colors - and the packaging has been on the market for three years

the new packaging, which first appeared on the counter recently, is relatively successful. It meets all the standards redesigned by remedenttm. The surface packaging of polystyrene material makes the brush heads at both ends of the brush clearly visible on the counter, and the clear cylindrical surface of ethylene glycol based polystyrene terephthalate completely shows the advantages of the whole product and the appropriate friction. Tulox P provides raw materials for packaging during general engineering tests

According to the survey report of remedent company, about 65% of toothbrush buyers came to the toothbrush display area without knowing what kind of product they wanted to buy. "Impulse is a very important factor at this time," Mr. hefemann said, "so what we need is the kind of packaging that can attract customers." This requires comfortable bright colors to attract consumers. The new package adopts a fatigue life testing system with wide range of utilization, reliable performance and low operation cost. Four bright yellow and purple trademarks are used to attract customers' attention

Mr. hefemann said that in addition to eliminating the influence of counters, remedent also considered the following standards when designing new packaging:

· products can be seen clearly. "The uniqueness of our toothbrush product is that there are hairbrushes at both ends of the handle," Mr. hefemann said. "We want to ensure that customers know that there are hairbrushes at both ends of the product at the first sight." There is a problem: most store shelves have a certain blind area at the bottom. Remedent's brush packaging must raise the product so that the second brush can be above the blind area, so that customers can see the second brush

as a result, the PS material at both ends of the package raised the brush by 1 inch to ensure that the brush was above the bottom edge of the shelf. Colorful labels attract customers' attention at both ends, enhancing the independent effect of each head

· remedent requires that the product packaging should be dual-use, which can be suitable for travel. "In the past, many customers asked for travel clothes, because our toothbrushes in the store are not suitable for travel," Mr. hefemann said, "so we feel it is very necessary to meet this demand."

therefore, Mr. hefemann designed the PETG tube body, bottom and top with PS material, which is very firm and can withstand repeated friction and travel. There is a round hole at the bottom of the packaging material, which can be ventilated and drained when traveling

· the product packaging needs to be narrow enough to be suitable for shelves of standard width. Remedent requires that its product packaging is slightly longer than that of its competitors, and it is required to meet the space restrictions of the exhibition area

· the company also requires packaging to become a symbol of product quality assurance. Mr. hefemann believes that this includes "making customers feel different about this package - feeling its good quality." Through the newly packed PETG tube, you can see the product well, just like the soft feel, which is very important to customers

· the products on the shelf should have correct and stable directionality to ensure that the front end of the package is always forward. The round package is easy to fix on the shelf and also contains a C-shaped protrusion to ensure that the brush is always forward in the tube

there is no doubt that the company has put forward many new requirements for the packaging, but as Mr. hefemann emphasized when designing the packaging, high visibility is the most important

successful measures

hefemann said, "The packaging cost of the new design is very small. We buy the molds at the bottom and top of the packaging, and also buy bright colors for the packaged hoses. There is no cost for hose processing. We provide adult toothbrushes and children's toothbrushes. Each toothbrush has two different types of brushes in the packaging, but the labels are the same. The hoses of children's toothbrushes are easy to be shortened, which is a material that is easy to squeeze."

the retail price of this resin toothbrush is about $4.99, and it is currently on trial sale in the northwest of the United States and overseas markets. Although the cost of new packaging is 40% higher than that of traditional bubble packaging, Mr. hefemann believes that these packaging improvements will help attract customers' attention on the counter of the store. He said 5. The data and curves are dynamically displayed with the experimental process;, "The customer's response is very strong, and they keep ordering repeatedly. Users like the product and become loyal users

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