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Remake the non classic situation, Yanxiang plays the innovative "March"

Introduction: this year, Yanxiang continues to expand its research and development scale, and the pilot/production base of Yanxiang, covering an area of more than 230000 square meters, has been officially put into construction. After completion, it will become the largest special computer production and research base in Asia. Then, the research and development base of Yanxiang in Xi'an also broke ground, and Yanxiang is starting a new round of development climax. When domestic development is in full swing, Yanxiang is also brave to "go out" and seek breakthroughs in overseas markets. In order to explore the way to win the innovation and development of Yanxiang, the author interviewed Mr. Bai Hongbo, vice president of Yanxiang group.

Mr. Bai Hongbo, vice president of Yanxiang group.

gkong: Recently, Yanxiang, reinventing non classics, written by Yang Chao , officially released by Phoenix publishing house, we can see from the book that Yanxiang is confident, innovative and domineering, especially in the field of special computers. Yanxiang has achieved it and embodies the confidence of Chinese science and technology. What bold attempts and innovations has Yanxiang made in management culture this time? Can you talk about what is the magic weapon for the success of Yanxiang enterprise management

Mr. Bai Hongbo: I also saw the book "Yanxiang, reinventing non classics" last week. Holding it, I feel very warm and deeply touched

there is a passage on the cover of Yanxiang, reinventing non Classics: the reason why many "classical theories" are difficult to surpass is that people regard them as codes and put them on the shelf. The reason why many "classic management" are difficult to replicate is that people regard it as a legend and stay away from it. From entrepreneurship to success, Yanxiang has never copied others in accordance with the "classic model". From private enterprises to famous enterprises, Yanxiang has always followed its own direction

in Yanxiang's management culture, there is a truth called "change is the truth that the market will never change!" We believe that there is room for further improvement in everything, including our management philosophy. It has been more than four years since the first non classical management was published. We have experienced a lot of growth and gained a lot of honors. All this also benefits from our continuous improvement and creation! "Non classical management" can be "rebuilt". Only through continuous reflection and continuous learning can we make continuous progress

"non classic culture" is Yanxiang culture. Its core purpose is to pursue pragmatism, dilute level, allow failure, immediate rewards and fines, and endless pursuit of efficiency. The vitality of private enterprises lies in the continuous learning, development and innovation of advanced management experience. On August 8, 2009, the listing and award ceremony of the third generation of Yanxiang people with the theme of "persistence" was held in the multifunctional hall on the 17th floor of Yanxiang building. 13 people from different departments and positions of the company received the highest honorary recognition of the group. Behind the red wall, it reveals the growth power of Yanxiang relying on the construction of corporate culture. Yanxiang's corporate culture continues the successful experience of "non classic management" and recreates the shortcomings of "non classic management". As Yu Dan said, "I think this is a Taoist rule of inaction. By doing nothing, we can create a peaceful and natural working atmosphere as much as possible, so that every employee can concentrate on his work. This is the management environment pursued by countless entrepreneurs."

most great and outstanding companies have a strong corporate culture. The magic weapon of Yanxiang's rapid development over the years lies in scientific and technological innovation, independent brand and management innovation. Non classical management corporate culture is the magic weapon of Yanxiang's corporate management

gkong: in the era of "post financial crisis", a large number of enterprises in coastal areas with export-oriented economy have turned their goals to China. On the one hand, they actively practice their internal skills and hide their energy to ensure the safe and stable operation of the system. On the other hand, they pay close attention to developing the domestic market and expanding domestic demand. But Yanxiang did the opposite. Why? How do you view these two markets at home and abroad

Mr. Bai Hongbo: the reason why Yanxiang wants to go out at this time is that on the one hand, Yanxiang's products have occupied a considerable part of the domestic market, and have leapt to the first place in China. It is already the leading special computer brand in China. Yanxiang's products have established a certain degree of brand awareness and loyalty in China. As an authentic local brand in China, Yanxiang hopes to expand the local brand outward by pressing the forward or reverse button on the loading switch as needed, which can also drive the development of the entire industry in China. On the other hand, the domestic special computer industry started relatively late, and the industrial upgrading has not reached the peak. The larger market of special computers is still in developed countries in Europe and the United States. Therefore, Yanxiang should expand to a broader market

in 2008, Yanxiang mainly selected Israel, Russia, India and other emerging countries as the objects of the first round of overseas market expansion. In 2009, we signed a cooperation agreement with northern Rhine in Germany, which will establish the headquarters of Europe in Germany. We want to go out and PK. At present, special overseas teams have been established in these countries and regions, and overseas R & D departments that carry out R & D according to the needs of overseas markets and business departments that expand overseas markets have been established. Today, Yanxiang's special computers have penetrated into the railway, rail transit, highway, urban construction and other industries in these countries

2008 is the first year of our internationalization. We have made good achievements in the first year of going out. The international financial storm has provided a good opportunity for Chinese enterprises to establish brands. We plan to use the time in recent years to gradually establish international brands, and then dig deeply in the European and American markets

at the same time, the Chinese market is the largest emerging market in the world. With the upgrading of China's industrialization industry, the higher the degree of industrial automation and intensive development, China's special computer consumer goods market will be very large. As the home of Yanxiang, China will always be based on the domestic market and actively expand overseas markets, and Yanxiang's "going global" strategy will always be adhered to

gkong: what is Yanxiang's current overseas market plan? How is it going? In order to actively explore the market, what specific measures has Yanxiang taken

Mr. Bai Hongbo: our strategic goal is to embed Yanxiang special computer products in every corner of the world and become the first in the overseas market; The specific goal is to set up 15 branches and 1 technology research and development center in major countries in Asia Pacific and Europe within five years. By 2017, 40% of our products will be the world's first before theft, which is also our precise positioning

in order to achieve this goal, we have formulated a series of plans:

in terms of sales strategy, Yanxiang dares to make breakthroughs. Yanxiang branch offices are blooming all over the world because of the high manufacturing cost of Haidan alternating experimental box. In April 2009, Yanxiang group set up its European headquarters in Germany, and also set up branches in Israel, Russia, India, the Netherlands and other places, which means that Yanxiang "EVOC" series special computers have officially entered the international market. We now regard Yanxiang as an enterprise producing mass consumer goods for marketing. Both media reports and online and offline activities are an integration. Now we have online activities, offline support and media reports. We don't promote one thing in isolation

in terms of technology research and development, Yanxiang will focus on industry applications, strengthen the interaction and integration of research and development system and marketing, and timely adjust the research and development strategy and direction according to market feedback, so that the group will always be ahead of its competitors in product research and development and technological innovation. On July 5, 2009, Yanxiang invested 1billion yuan to build a special computer production base in Shenzhen. The construction of Yanxiang base is expected to cover an area of more than 80000 square meters and a construction area of 230000 square meters. It is mainly used for the production, research and development of software and hardware and terminal testing of special computer products. The plant construction and production will be completed within one and a half years, and the overall project construction will be completed within two years. In addition, the annual R & D investment is about 300million yuan, which will eventually achieve an annual output value of more than 5billion yuan, 100% of green GDP. On July 10, the signing ceremony of Yanxiang group's investment in the high tech Zone was held. Yanxiang group will invest 500million yuan in the first phase to build a "special computer (Xi'an) R & D and production center" in the high tech Zone. After the completion of the center, it is expected that the annual main business income will reach 800million yuan and the annual tax contribution will reach 80million yuan

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