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Cat ® (Carter) reliable defender of the data age

cat (Carter) reliable defender of the data age

"In the stock exchange, the big screen is full of red and Green real-time market value, and the stock brokers are busy shuttling between the stations nervously, with voices and conversations one after another. In the bright trading hall, in front of the trading computer, there are many investors who are paying full attention to the trend of the market. Some of them frown tightly, look dignified, some are calm and confident, but they are all calculating the best time to buy and sell stocks. Close At the time of trading, some people laugh and some sigh, which can be described as "a few happy and a few sad"... All these constitute a true portrayal of one day in the securities exchange market in today's era. Just when people fight against the storm and move forward bravely in the stock market, they will not know that there are a group of "guards" hiding behind the scenes, quietly and firmly guarding all this. They are the cat backup power system used in the building of the stock exchange

compared with the past, the trading volume in today's financial securities market has long been so easy for consumers to choose ideal products, which is not the same. Especially with the launch of Internet and mobile transactions, huge transaction data needs to be transmitted, recorded and stored every day. No matter the daily operation of the stock exchange or the interconnected online trading, it is inseparable from the reliable power system to provide a steady flow of electricity to ensure the normal operation of the trading system. Even a brief power outage will cause irreparable consequences and losses. At least, it will cause the loss of data in the securities trading market and the chaos of the whole market order, and at the same time, it will cause irreparable consequences to the whole country and even the global financial market. In addition, many factors, including weather, will lead to the instability or even interruption of the power supply system. In order to protect the trading data of the securities market, only a stable and reliable standby power system that is not affected by external factors can make the financial market get rid of and away from the risk of data management, so as to ensure the stable operation of the securities market

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