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The remote control is efficient. The orco frequency converter wholeheartedly prints the A4 format report for the space cotton paver.

the orco frequency converter outputs 180 at 0.5Hz, and realizes the product technology improvement% torque. The perfect current waveform can make the motor start smoothly without impact, with an efficiency of 99%. It supports external analog speed regulation, with an accuracy of 0.05Hz. It is convenient and fast for remote local operation, and adapts to the working conditions on the space cotton paver, It greatly meets the user's need not to hit hard

application characteristics of space cotton paver: plane forming, evenly laying cotton width and thickness of cotton layers. What is more serious is that it is assumed that these dust enter the hydraulic system of the electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine and are transported to the next process after being pressurized. The differential compensation can be adjusted between the pavers to reduce the cotton drafting, the reciprocating steering can adjust the buffer force, the rotation is stable, and there is an anti floating floc device, which is convenient for the bottom and lifting adjustment

it is required on site that the paver motor can adjust speed steplessly, change the frequency arbitrarily under different working conditions, start smoothly, have no impact on electricity and no pollution, ensure that the paver motor has enough torque, improve work efficiency, and workers can control the paver remotely

electrical wiring diagram:

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