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Telepresence technology paradise sound Valley appears at the world Internet congress

at present, some manufacturers in the market will also come to Wuzhen site

according to different service needs

Consulting Service Robot

provide convenient guidance and consulting services for guests

security patrol robot

focus on assisting in strengthening security protection

garbage collection robot

provide intelligent cleaning service guarantee

as the core of telepresence Technology Another masterpiece

tiantangshenggu cloud crowdsourcing platform

is also on the stage ~

in front of the tiantangshenggu booth in Wuzhen site

it is called a crowd of people

tiantangshenggu cloud crowdsourcing

it is a new Internet crowdsourcing platform

the platform has crowdsourcing operation, precision marketing, cloud platform,

quality control Training certification, intelligent customer service, six functional services of semi-automatic pendulum impactor consumed by Jinan Liangong Testing Technology Co., Ltd.

for financial banking, education and training, operators,

Internet e-commerce, automotive and other industries

provide efficient outbound calls, data tagging, customer service and other services

paradise sound Valley can also provide enterprises with products covering general plastics There are many thorny problems in the fields of engineering plastics and special engineering plastics, such as difficult personnel recruitment, high training costs and so on

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