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Reminder: to buy salt, you must first see the outer packaging

recently, Shenyang Xinchengzi industrial and commercial branch destroyed a fake black dens of inferior edible salt near National Highway 102, and detained 28800 kg of inferior edible salt in 2016 on the spot, including more than 4000 bags and two sealing machines. Preliminary investigation showed that on June 27 this year, the illegal party rented a private house and bought a large amount of low-quality salt in bulk. When it was preparing to be sold in subpackages, it was seized by industrial and commercial law enforcement officers. Due to the early detection and rapid action of industrial and commercial law enforcement officers, this batch of inferior edible salt has not yet entered the market. At present, the case is under further investigation

here, Shenyang industry and Commerce 12315 reminds the public to be formal in buying edible salt. This method is to knead the chemically treated wood pulp into plastic markets, shopping malls and supermarkets, and ask the operator for a "reputation" bill. At the same time, it is necessary to see clearly the product standard number of edible salt and whether the packaging bag is printed with the words "supervised by Liaoning Provincial Salt Administration" There is an anti-counterfeiting label of "China Salt Industry Liaoning salt administration edible (iodine) salt" on the packaging bag

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