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Reliability is the core competitiveness of internal combustion engines

on April 8, the International Symposium on internal combustion engine reliability technology, hosted by the automotive engine branch of China Association of automobile manufacturers and co organized by the International Alliance for technological innovation of internal combustion engine reliability and Shandong Key Laboratory of internal combustion engine reliability, was held in Beijing. In combination with the latest requirements put forward by the current social environment for internal combustion engine technology, the meeting fully discussed and exchanged solutions for reliability evaluation and analysis in the design, manufacture and use of internal combustion engines, including the determination of steady-state thermal resistance and related characteristics of thermal insulation materials from the industry, the protective hot plate method GB 10294 (8) iso8302:1991, enterprises and representative scientific research institutes at home and abroad, For example, domestic and foreign experts and scholars from MIT, the University of Wisconsin, Aachen University of technology, Tsinghua University in China, AVL company in Austria, Southwest Research Institute in the United States, Ricardo company in the United Kingdom, Weichai, Yuchai, FAW Xichai, Dongfeng commercial vehicles and so on, the laboratory space should be at least 4 meters; For the products of horizontal tensile testing machine, the latest technology and development of internal combustion engine reliability were comprehensively introduced to more than 160 delegates with 15 wonderful reports

reliability is one of the core competitiveness of internal combustion engine products. Ye Shengji, Deputy Secretary General of the China Association of automobile manufacturers, pointed out in his speech that the production and sales of China's internal combustion engine products have accounted for one quarter of the world's total volume. Revitalizing the real economy is the foundation of a strong country, but some foreign products with low technical level can occupy the high-end market in relevant domestic supporting fields for a long time, based on the index of reliability

reliability technology originated in the United States in the 1940s, was introduced into China in the 1960s, and began to be applied to the field of internal combustion engines in the 1980s. The reliability of internal combustion engine means that it can work normally in the design life cycle, and it is required to be trouble free in the harsh working environment; In China's actual use environment, it can even work normally in the environment of overload, non-standard oil use and other abuse. Reliability engineering covers the whole process of product life cycle, including the development, testing, quality assurance and customer service of torque force meter

it is noted that no matter from the perspective of international or domestic research and application, the reliability of the engine can be analyzed and summarized in many aspects from the reliability analysis of specific parts to the reliability analysis of the whole body and even the whole vehicle. As can be seen from Tu Nanming's speech at Dongfeng commercial vehicle technology center, the company has clear requirements and specifications for reliability at different stages of the third, fourth, fifth and sixth countries, from vehicle fuel consumption, service life to reliability, maintenance interval and warranty mileage. Especially for the use environment of domestic commercial vehicles, such as application differentiation, nonstandard use, technical route, relevant laws and regulations, the original reliability growth application technology of Dongfeng commercial vehicles should start from the evaluation indicators such as product life and after-sales compensation rate, and then to the process control in development and manufacturing, and then carry out reliability analysis and reliability management, It has a set of rigorous analysis and management methods

relying on a set of fault reporting system, Guangxi Yuchai can decompose the reliability indicators, estimate the B10 life and other indicators of internal combustion engine by using Weibull analysis commonly used in the field of internal combustion engine, and predict the three guarantee cost of products, so as to effectively manage the reliability and after-sales service cost of internal combustion engine. Qin Xuechuan, director of Yuchai reliability management office, said that reliability work runs through the whole life cycle of products and is a complex and systematic work. Weichai, Yuchai, FAW Xichai, Dongfeng commercial vehicles and other enterprises present at the meeting said that establishing and improving the reliability basic database is an important link in reliability growth. Adopting the new results of reliability theoretical research and the intellectualization of reliability technology is a new idea for the reliability work of internal combustion engines

with regard to the reliability work carried out by the automotive engine branch of the China Association of automobile manufacturers, Ge Hong, Deputy Secretary General of the China Association of internal combustion engines, said that as early as June 2011, the automotive engine branch of the China Association of automobile manufacturers, Shandong key laboratory and Weichai Power jointly held the first International Symposium on the reliability of internal combustion engines. In 2012, Weichai Power took the lead in establishing the international technological innovation alliance for internal combustion engine reliability, which includes 19 well-known universities, institutions and enterprises at home and abroad, including Massachusetts Institute of technology, University of Wisconsin and Tsinghua University. In terms of internal combustion engine reliability research, Weichai Power and other mainstream internal combustion engine enterprises have carried out comprehensive and in-depth research, and achieved remarkable results in engine performance improvement, exhaust emission purification, material failure analysis and so on

in the face of the reality that the national four new emission standards will be implemented nationwide on July 1 this year, sun Shaojun, Secretary General of the automotive engine branch and executive president of Weichai Power, who attended the meeting, said that the reliability of internal combustion engine products is related to the implementation of national energy conservation and emission reduction policies, the safety and interests of consumers, the quality guarantees the quantity, and the reliability determines the market scale, Reliability is the embodiment of the core competitiveness of internal combustion engines in the future

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