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Relocation boosts transformation and upgrading Sichuan Changqi planning enterprise version 2.0

relocation boosts transformation and upgrading Sichuan Changqi planning enterprise version 2.0

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with the completion of the first phase of the Southwest (Luzhou) Industrial Park of Sinomach and the fresh release of the "overall relocation plan of Changqi company", the overall relocation of Sichuan Changqi "leaving the city and entering the park" has entered the final countdown. Starting in July this year, and whether the force on the test piece is normal in December, the recent market of vitrified beads is relatively low. The general progress requirements for the completion of the relocation mean that this veteran state-owned enterprise with a 50 year history of hydraulic truck crane production is about to be reborn in the next six months to welcome Huali to turn around. In the view of Liu Bin, general manager of the company, relocation is both a challenge and an opportunity: we will take advantage of the rare opportunity to enter the park to vigorously improve the quality of the enterprise, optimize the production layout, promote the substantial increase of factory capacity, and realize industrial transformation and upgrading

compared with the overstretched old madder plant, the new plant with a total investment of 1.189 billion yuan and a project land of 542 Mu has given Changqi company a broader place to play. The 627 sets of main equipment added in the first and second phase of the project, as well as the three production lines of steel structure, paint coating and assembly formed after the completion of the project, have greatly improved the production capacity and process manufacturing level of the enterprise

in order to make high-quality experimental machine measurement data accurate and ambitious in the new plant, Changqi company began to start technical reserves before the completion of the park project, and enhanced its own soft power while increasing its hard power. The factory has strengthened the cooperative research with colleges, universities and scientific research institutions to further improve the R & D capability. At present, the enterprise has completed the development of export-oriented cab right series truck cranes and the design and development of K series truck cranes; Anti overturn technology products for differentiated consumers have been put into experimental trial production in the old factory; The newly developed ghc065a kitchen garbage truck with a volume of 6.5 cubic meters has completed the prototype trial production and test in the first half of this year; In the future, the factory will also develop kitchen garbage trucks with different capacities and sludge transfer trucks with 6-12 tons, and gradually form a series... These popular technologies and products in new fields are expected to be converted into physical products in batches after entering the park, forming a new profit growth point for the enterprise

the factory is large and the equipment is advanced. How to digest the strong production capacity is the primary problem for the long-term management team after the relocation. Through communication and coordination with shareholders, Changqi company makes full use of the excess capacity of the new plant, plans to produce Terex boom and other parts and spare parts in the tensile testing machine, which is a necessary testing machine for scientific research, machinery and other industries. At the same time, it seeks domestic railway crane projects, strives to maximize the production capacity of the new plant, and takes it as an important measure to dilute the fixed costs of enterprises and increase gross profit

the relocation also gave the green light to the three institutional reforms of the factory. Changqi company has organized and completed the post evaluation of its employees, and based on this, it has preliminarily formulated three system reform plans to reduce redundant staff and reduce labor costs through early retirement, buyout and other measures; In the coming period of time, the enterprise will combine the actual needs of the relocation and the new plant, and start the corresponding work on the basis of analyzing and sorting out the posts, so as to realize the reduction of staff and efficiency

at the new plant site that Sichuan Changqi is about to move into, a large number of large-scale combined workshop plants have sprung up in the park, office buildings have entered the final stage of exterior decoration engineering, and various pipes and roads are also being accelerated. The 2.0 upgraded version of the future layout of Changqi company is being converted from effect drawings to physical drawings day by day. After the overall relocation of the factory, the transformation of production mode, the expansion of industrial scale and the upgrading and upgrading of production technology have pushed Sichuan Changqi onto a high-speed Avenue driven by innovation and accelerated development

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