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XCMG is grateful to be with you along the "the Belt and Road"

XCMG is grateful to be with you along the "the Belt and Road"

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with the promotion of the national "the Belt and Road", major Chinese enterprises have complementary advantages, strong alliances, going to sea in groups, and forming joint forces. XCMG group has already launched its layout on the "the Belt and Road", and has made efforts frequently to constantly try new modes of cooperation, Build a successful example of infrastructure construction projects of Chinese enterprises, achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, and promote industrial transformation and upgrading and the transformation of economic development mode

the Belt and Road - XCMG's overseas care journey

XCMG's products have been exported to 48 countries in 65 countries along the "the Belt and Road". During the Spring Festival in 2017, the working groups of XCMG overseas care Wanli also paid a special visit to the embassies, Chinese funded cooperative enterprises and key customers that have given strong support to XCMG's overseas market while paying tribute to the employees in front of them. Members of the overseas care group brought new year's greetings, thanked overseas support and cooperation, and joined hands with customers to share the opportunities brought by the "the Belt and Road"

members of the Pakistan care team visit the Embassy in Pakistan

members of the Nigeria care team visit the Consul General in Lagos

Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, as important countries in XCMG's "the Belt and Road" strategy, are a "Golden" channel for XCMG to expand its international market. The working groups of XCMG overseas care Wanli travel visited Chinese embassies and consulates in various countries, the stationed points of major Chinese funded enterprises, as well as the dealers and key customers of XCMG who let all oil circuits circulate and exhaust air

visit overseas Chinese enterprises

members of XCMG care Wanli visited and checked the construction progress of Africa's largest refinery project. They visited "this is a very exciting opportunity to visit Saudi Arabia's second largest leasing company and go to Pakistan's local primary schools for condolences.

visit overseas customers

express condolences to Pakistan's local primary schools, which bakis called impact gongtan

in the process of" going out ", Chinese enterprises, How to better integrate into the local market, form a close relationship with dealers, and enhance and maintain customer stickiness has always been a major challenge. The relationship between XCMG and its overseas partners has not only stayed at the level of "win-win cooperation", but also rose to the emotional level - XCMG once put forward the concept of "being close to the dealer's family". This close care and support also made dealers all over the world recognize XCMG and regard XCMG as their "family"

XCMG overseas care Wanli now is a characteristic activity of the Party committee of XCMG group. In 2017, it will further integrate resources, increase investment, establish and improve linkage mechanisms at all levels, build a service platform, expand party building service channels, and introduce a personalized care mechanism to solve the worries of overseas service personnel and dealers

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