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The Belt and Road story: XCMG's "extra task" in Ethiopia

the Belt and Road story: XCMG's "extra task" in Ethiopia

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after two months of hard work, five people, including fanyunpeng, assistant director of XCMG shovel transportation assembly branch, finally successfully completed the technical assistance for Ethiopian product assembly delivered by the company. At this time, they did not relax, because they still had the last "task" to complete to travel to Ethiopia, which was the "extra task" they added to themselves

Ethiopian children

before learning about going to Ethiopia on a business trip, fan Yunpeng, as the team leader, heard that the local economy is very backward and the education conditions are very poor. Some children can't even afford a pen, and the rampant mosquitoes also make the children miserable. After learning about this situation, fan Yunpeng found four other colleagues in the same industry to discuss whether they could do something for the local children. After the idea was put forward, the five people hit it off immediately with the strong support of the state, and immediately bought back a large number of school supplies and standing medicines. In this way, the five arranged "extra tasks" for themselves before leaving, and went to visit local children after the appointment. Ducere also plans to take some of the business income to subsidize buyers in poor areas

XCMG staff donated items to Ethiopian students with difficulties

the main task of fan Yunpeng and others on this trip is to provide technical guidance and assistance for local personnel in Ethiopia to assemble 30 XCMG telescopic boom forklifts. Although the local working environment is poor and material resources are scarce, they often lack East and West. In order to carry more tools and donated items, they have reduced their personal belongings and used "weight" for "work and love". In this way, after flying over nearly 10000 kilometers of mountains and rivers and carrying out comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technological transformation on hundreds of kilometers of potholes, driving on the dirt road for five or six hours, I finally carried the heavy package to the Ethiopian camp

XCMG staff donated items to Ethiopian students with difficulties

time is tight and the task is heavy. In order to squeeze time to see the children, fan Yunpeng worked harder and finally completed the task with high quality and efficiency. They declined the tour arranged by the Egyptian side and expressed their wish to visit the local children. The Egyptian customers were deeply moved. Early in the morning, accompanied by the agent, they took a two-hour bus to a local primary school with a package on their back. After explaining his intention, the headmaster shook fan Yunpeng's hand excitedly and expressed his deep gratitude. Fan Yunpeng introduced China to the children and XCMG. He handed books, pens and other items to the children to encourage them to study hard. In the future, he can come to China to watch double corrugated cardboard and join XCMG's global family. Looking at the eager and happy eyes of the children, fanyunpeng and others were moved by the simplicity and loveliness of the children. They took out the 5000 birr, about 3000 yuan, they exchanged before and sent it to the principal to improve the children's learning conditions

XCMG staff donated items to Ethiopian students with difficulties

the busy and fulfilling trip to Ethiopia ended. Fan Yunpeng and other five people not only left excellent products and superb technology in Ethiopia, but also let the love of XCMG workers bloom in Ethiopia. This is the best expression of XCMG workers' practice of the core values of "taking on great responsibilities, making great achievements"

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