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The "the Belt and Road" market has repeatedly received big single yuchaixin to help big golden dragon leap across the five continents

the "the Belt and Road" market has repeatedly received big single yuchaixin to help big golden dragon leap across the five continents

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on June 18, in Xiamen, the core area of the "21st century Maritime Silk Road", the delivery ceremony of "the Belt and Road, Long Teng five continents" - big golden dragon 1060 school buses exported to Saudi Arabia was held. This is the largest single batch of domestic exports to Thailand this year, "which can simplify the supply chain". Apur lathiya, senior business development manager of Lubrizol medical equipment, recently said at the MDM exhibition in Anaheim that the tourist bus order - 204 12 meter luxury buses xmq6128 was delivered. After the delivery, Dajinlong launched the "the Belt and Road" to further promote overseas business and achieve fruitful results

what is striking is that the order of 1060 school buses not only breaks the record of single overseas sales order of Dajinlong, setting the highest single export amount of industrial products in Fujian Province in recent years, but also the largest single export of passenger cars in China since 2015

1060 school buses from Dajinlong were exported to Saudi Arabia at the delivery ceremony

it is worth mentioning that the engines equipped in these two batches of export large orders were all from Yuchai Machinery. Coincidentally

the powerful unite to seek breakthroughs and win big returns

obviously, this is by no means a coincidence

since 2015, all passenger cars exported by Dajinlong to Thailand and Saudi Arabia have been equipped with Yuchai engines. In the first five months of this year, the number of Yuchai machines equipped with Dajinlong exported passenger cars has soared from 55 in the same period last year to 924, an increase of nearly 16 times, and accounts for more than 72% of all engine brands, which is in an absolute dominant position and far ahead of similar products

China's passenger car industry is very cautious in the choice of engine matching, especially for exported passenger cars. Considering the differences in customer needs in different countries, it is almost strict. Especially in today's increasingly customized and personalized needs, only by selecting the products that are most satisfactory to customers and most suitable for the local market needs, and providing the best quality and perfect supporting services, can we win the recognition of customers and ensure the sustainable growth of the market. In addition, engine manufacturers and users choose engines with a certain "inertia thinking", which is difficult to change in the short term. Without outstanding strength, it can't be achieved at all

according to the person in charge of the overseas market of Dajinlong, "in the export market, Dajinlong is equipped with Yuchai engine most, first, because Yuchai brand has high customer recognition overseas and customers recognize the machine; second, in the process of many years of cooperation, Dajinlong and Yuchai have already formed a close strategic partnership." Obviously, after careful consideration, only excellent products and high-quality services can win the market, and Yuchai machine meets this requirement very well

the relevant person in charge of the overseas business of Yuchai shares said that Yuchai has taken overseas market development as one of its key tasks in recent years, attached great importance to it, and made comprehensive efforts from the aspects of market research, service network distribution and construction, central warehouse construction, personnel allocation and material allocation, and worked hard to understand the market, so as to save the worry of partners and reassure and satisfy users. Compared with other brand engines, Yuchai machine has the advantages of higher cost performance and obvious service advantages. At the same time, Yuchai has a rich product series, covering the 6-18 meter bus product line, which can fully meet the differentiated matching needs of different users. Moreover, Yuchai has established an assembly plant in Xiamen, which is convenient for users to visit the site, witness Yuchai's strength, eliminate doubts, and let them choose Yuchai machines with more confidence

the relevant person in charge of Yuchai Co., Ltd. said that the cooperation between Yuchai machine and Dajinlong has a long history. As early as 2002, Yuchai machine has given full cooperation to Dajinlong in product research and development, supporting development, production and supply, marketing, service guarantee and other aspects. The two sides have sincerely cooperated and cooperated to continuously improve product quality, established a strategic partnership, and achieved win-win results. Since 2008, Yuchai Machinery has won the honorary title of "annual excellent supplier of Jinlong bus" for many consecutive years, and ranks first every year, with a market share of more than 70%

making users really satisfied and winning the "repeat customers"

the coronation of the market is the greatest honor of an enterprise. To win the market, users must be truly satisfied. According to statistics, since the beginning of this year, under the weak market situation of the domestic engine industry, the entry of Yuchai engine in the overseas market has increased significantly, becoming a highlight of sales. This achievement is inseparable from the excellent quality and excellent service of Yuchai machine

it is reported that NTC, the exclusive dealer of Dajinlong in Saudi Arabia, is responsible for the purchase of school buses. The company has cooperated with Dajinlong since 2004, and the two sides signed a 10-year strategic cooperation agreement again in 2013. NTC CEO osamishubaily said that they attach great importance to product quality and after-sales service supporting system. Previously, Thai customers also said that they are most concerned about whether they can provide high-quality products and perfect services in combination with the local market demand in Thailand. Yuchai is just through the strong combination with Dajinlong, with high-quality products, expert services and overall solutions, to jointly bring customers a better use experience and create greater value

according to the person in charge of the overseas business of Yuchai Co., Ltd., at present, Yuchai has specially equipped seven after-sales service personnel stationed in all parts of Saudi Arabia, which is equivalent to the staffing scale of a medium-sized domestic office, which shows the importance Yuchai attaches to the overseas market. In addition, for the large single users of 1060 school buses like this time, Yuchai also specially added service points, stationed service specialists, and conducted special training for users. At the same time, according to the model, the corresponding accessories are stored in the accessories library to ensure the fastest response to user needs in time and solve problems professionally and effectively

the person in charge of Dajinlong overseas admitted that the 1060 school bus large order was a "sequel" of Dajinlong exporting 80 high-quality school buses to Saudi Arabia in April this year. As one of the most critical assemblies of passenger cars, Yuchai machine is indispensable. At the beginning of this year, the Saudi Ministry of education purchased 200 school buses for primary and secondary schools across the country through unified bidding, and Dajinlong received orders for 80 of them, which is also the first time that Dajinlong has received school bus orders since it entered the Saudi market. The person in charge of overseas business of Yuchai shares said that the big golden dragon school bus carrying Yuchai machine was outstanding in the early use of Saudi users, especially in the face of the local harsh desert weather conditions, the excellent quality and technology of Yuchai machine can roll into nanotubes with a diameter of less than 40nm, excellent cost performance and considerate after-sales service, which left a deep impression on users and won a good reputation. It can be said that without the first batch of 80 school buses "conquering" customers and making customers truly satisfied, it is difficult to imagine that there will be orders in the future. Therefore, in the subsequent 1060 school bus bidding, Dajinlong won all orders at one stroke

quality and service double awesome added points to "made in China"

"let users and OEMs fully trust us, which is our consistent pursuit to show comprehensive information." The person in charge of marketing business of Yuchai shares said that in the overseas market, the brand image of Yuchai machine is actually the embodiment of the overall image of "made in China", and there should be no ambiguity

according to the introduction, in the two large orders of Dajinlong exported to Saudi Arabia and Thailand this year, Yuchai Fujian Office carried out "private customization" for the local market according to the obtained market information to meet the needs of users to the greatest extent. In order to cooperate with the implementation of the national "one road and one belt" strategy, Yuchai Co., Ltd. has effectively combined "Yuchai localization" with "localization" to create a Yuchai service brand. It has not only established Yuchai overseas offices (such as Saudi Arabia office and Thailand Office) in relevant countries, but also innovated the marketing mode, adopted "one country, one case" and "one household, one policy" in market development, and made steady progress in terms of Commerce, products, services, technology, etc Each customer has formed an operable work plan. Yuchai Machinery also fully implemented the agency service mode, from point to area, built an agency service network with wide coverage and strong service ability, and dispatched service engineers to further improve the service system construction and extend the product supporting points. Last year, Yuchai held several special gas engine technical training in Thailand to eliminate the worries of users. At present, Yuchai machine has 115 overseas service agents, which provides a strong guarantee for after-sales service. At the same time, Yuchai's brand is also being recognized by more overseas users, constantly adding points to the "made in China". It is worth mentioning that this order of Yuchai supporting Saudi Arabia is a replacement for an international engine giant brand, "providing a lot of gas for self owned brand engines". It depends on different manufacturers and production conditions; Plastic processing enterprises can also bring a bumper harvest to the market according to their own production situation. At present, Yuchai Machinery has 15000 units in the Saudi market. In Thailand, tens of millions of tourists from all over the world shuttle between green mountains and green waters in buses equipped with Yuchai engines every year. At the same time, as one of the largest internal combustion engine manufacturers in China, Yuchai machine is also the first engine enterprise in China to enter Southeast Asia

it can be said that it is precisely because Yuchai Machinery and Dajinlong have specially formed an experienced after-sales service team to escort the operation of the vehicle, so as to ensure that the vehicle is always in good condition and let users feel more the charm of Chinese power

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