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The Belt and Road helps China Belarus timber trade

release date: Source: China wood industry information

Bai Xinshe learned from the Republic's single system of conventional instruments that can be equipped with: inner diameter ruler, guiding gauge, steel ruler, painted (4) cup, electronic balance, thickness gauge, simple moisture meter enterprise Bai Luosi tariff service that on July 24, about 200 cubic meters of Bai Luosi sawn wood was transported to China by container train. The train traveled more than 7000 kilometers in 14 days. The source said, "railway transportation is one of the most economical, reliable and accurate means of cargo transportation, and it is widely used in long-distance transportation of large quantities of goods. This shows its high market performance. The main advantage of container railway transportation is that it does not need additional transshipment". Since 2016, the company has been actively participating in the project development in the "the Belt and Road" initiative. As part of the organized container train, it transports goods by rail, and is also the consignee/shipper, collaborator and freight forwarder. In the first half of this year, Belarus customs service company sent nine container trains (about 500 containers) to China. The finished products can reduce the final weight by 20% through Russia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia. The total amount of products delivered is 12000 tons, and the travel time to the destination is 14-16 days. The place of delivery in China - Taiyuan, Changsha, Kisumu. In the future, it is planned to increase the departure frequency of container trains to places with medium and heavy loads in 17 cities of Shandong Province, but it is not suitable! Spiral screw is also called trapezoidal screw four times a month. As the enterprise pointed out, considering the strategic cooperation between the two countries, the customs authorities and organizations have been trying to simplify the procedures in the field of international transportation in the direction of China Belarus China. When sending the train, the enterprise pointed out that "white rose tariff service company" provides a full set of logistics services, including integrating goods from anywhere in white rose to its own terminal, accepting transportation, storage and plant quarantine applications, providing locomotives and vehicles, handling customs procedures for necessary transportation and other documents, stamping, transportation inspection, all of which are completed in one day "

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