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The Belt and Road Jiangsu style

the Belt and Road Jiangsu style | Casablanca and Xu Gongjin's romantic adventure

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mysterious and romantic Casablanca

colorful Moroccan Style

what adventures will there be when the heavy weapons from the East are integrated into this wonderful background

Jiangsu style of the the Belt and Road

takes you into Casablanca

witness how XCMG gold embellishes the historic city

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for five years, Jiangsu, located at the intersection of the the Belt and Road, has firmly grasped the goal of promoting high-quality development at the forefront, actively participated in the construction of the the Belt and Road, amplified the advantages of opening up to the East, done a good job in opening up to the west, and constantly expanded new space for opening up to the outside world. Jointly created by the Publicity Department of the Jiangsu provincial Party committee, the Jiangsu Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Commerce, and the Jiangsu Radio and television station, the third season of the large-scale all media transnational action "the Belt and Road Jiangsu style" jointly led by innovative technology to update a round of consumption upgrading is being broadcast

with the sea breeze and the sound of camel bells, Jiangsu has been the intersection of China and foreign countries since ancient times. Silk and porcelain have gone to the world from here, and tea and spices have changed China from here

focus on the five links, work hand in hand with the five roads, work intensively and constantly explore. Looking back over the past five years, Jiangsu has covered 56 countries and regions along the the Belt and Road; Over the past five years, Jiangsu's investment in the the Belt and Road has increased from $1.374 billion to $2.49 billion, accounting for 26.9% of the province's foreign investment from 19%

Jiangsu has won new opportunities for development at the intersection, and has also made a significant contribution to the 40 years of reform and opening up. At present, the approval procedures for these two projects have been basically completed. How do Soviet businessmen and enterprises look at the map to do business and go out along the the Belt and Road

because of a film, the historic city of Casablanca in Morocco is famous all over the world. Now, in this city full of white buildings, a touch of dazzling yellow from China jumps on many major engineering sites, such as the Moroccan Grand Theater and the capital railway station, making the city even brighter

at the construction site of Casablanca financial building, Yang Erxi of Jiangsu Radio and television financial media center saw a yellow big guy, which is an all terrain crane from Jiangsu Xu A. screw and frame separation group. The 650 ton lifting weight makes it the largest tonnage wheeled crane exported by China

speaking of XCMG, Lalit, the project manager of Morocco Jeter construction company, said that the quality of XCMG's equipment is equal to that of European and American equipment, and the delivery time and cost are even more advantageous, especially after-sales service. At present, about 30% of the construction machinery of Morocco Jeter construction company comes from China

data show that under the support and guidance of the the Belt and Road, the output value of Jiangsu's equipment manufacturing industry has ranked first in the country for 28 consecutive years

the the Belt and Road has also enabled Soviet businessmen and enterprises to find a new blue ocean to create wealth. From the traditional trade of exporting products and setting up offices to overseas factory building and overseas mergers and acquisitions, we should establish a global R & D system and marketing network. In the tide of going global and embracing the world, Jiangsu manufacturing has changed to Jiangsu creation, Jiangsu speed has changed to Jiangsu quality, and Jiangsu products have changed to Jiangsu brands

XCMG in the the Belt and Road

since the "the Belt and Road" initiative was put forward, China has closer ties with countries along the "the Belt and Road" and more frequent enterprise exchanges. The countries along the "the Belt and Road" are XCMG's important overseas target markets, accounting for 72% of XCMG's total export value, and its products have covered 57 countries and regions along the line. At present, XCMG has 67 graphene production high-performance textile fibers and textile functional finishing along the "the Belt and Road", which has gradually become a hot research topic in the industry, including first-class overseas dealers, 72 overseas spare parts centers, 8 branches and 13 offices

in 2017, XCMG's exports of products along the "the Belt and Road" increased significantly. At present, XCMG products have the first export share in the 30 countries along the "the Belt and Road", and more than 50% in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, the Philippines, Pakistan and other countries

XCMG equipment is widely active in major projects in countries along the "the Belt and Road": the construction of the main stadium of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the 480 kilometer long Mombasa Nairobi railway construction project in Kenya, the largest dangote oil refining project in Africa, the 5000 kilometer long Pan Asian Railway Southeast Asia corridor project, the "China Pakistan corridor" highway, railway, port, power and other facilities construction projects, the Suva Expressway in Bulgaria XCMG equipment can be seen everywhere in Astana light rail project, China Kazakhstan gas transmission pipeline project, Indonesia offshore engineering project, Philippines refinery project

taking root in the "the Belt and Road", XCMG actively fulfills the social responsibility and accelerates the integration and development with the local while participating in the construction of local projects. XCMG has carried out a series of public welfare activities around the world, including "African Water Cellar", "global good machine player", "XCMG scholarship" and "love mosquito net donation"; XCMG's overseas investment has also been recognized locally, and has won the 2013 best investment award in Norwich, Germany, and the 2014 best enterprise award in bausso, Brazil

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