The 16 meter off-road diesel shear fork of Mars st

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Xingbang heavy industry 16m off-road diesel shear fork helps Ningxiang air conditioning production base

Xingbang heavy industry 16m off-road diesel shear fork helps Ningxiang air conditioning production base

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the 16m off-road diesel shear fork independently developed by Xingbang heavy industry has successfully passed various performance tests, The new machine officially serves the air conditioning production base of Ningxiang Economic Development Zone with a total investment of 6billion yuan, where the world's most advanced photovoltaic new energy air conditioners will be produced. After the new plant is completed and put into operation with low energy consumption, the annual output value will reach 40billion yuan. As the world's 10th largest production base leading in the air conditioning industry, when the maximum load exceeds 3% - 5%, various models of Xingbang heavy industry in the early stage have been selected by the Contractor as the preferred products for use on the construction site, and the new products will further help the construction of the electrical industry park

Xingbang heavy industry 16 meter off-road diesel scissors help Ningxiang air conditioning production base

so far, Xingbang's off-road diesel scissors series products are more abundant, with a total of five heights of 8m, 10m, 12M, 13m, 16m and six models

Xingbang heavy industry has always pursued the value concept of "rejuvenating the country through science and technology and pursuing excellence". The 16m off-road diesel shear fork has better performance:

1 Larger bearing capacity: the rated bearing capacity is 680kg

2. Wider working range: the platform extends 1.2m and 1.5m in two directions

3. Stronger off-road performance: the climbing ability is greater than 40%, and the standard configuration is equipped with floating function

4. More convenient maintenance system: 90 degree double door design, 90 ° overturned electric control box, pull-out engine

it is mainly the transformation from centralized planning management to resource integrated management

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