The 15th anniversary of the most popular Hui is un

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[15th anniversary] Hui Buke "blocked" my Liugong excavator

[15th anniversary] Hui Buke "blocked" my Liugong excavator

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be simple,

let's make the way of advertising simpler

the 15th anniversary of Liugong excavator promoted the opening of the first station

benefits cannot be "blocked". The first stop is Chengdu, tomorrow

[15th anniversary] Hui Buke "blocked" my Liugong excavator!

surprise 1:

free engine oil is waiting for you

surprise 2:

the winning rate is as high as 100%! The minimum prize value is 1000 yuan

surprise 3:

pure accessories "Juhui home"

super surprise go on

closely focus on customer value-added 4.0, be urgent to customers and solve their difficulties. On the 15th anniversary, the manufacturer is dedicated to this moment! The mysterious "big surprise" will be announced at the scene, which is beyond your imagination, so that you can enjoy the worry free purchase of high-quality Liugong excavator

the first stop Sichuan Ruiyuan

wonderful activities are ready, only owe you to bring the east wind

don't call your friends

there are more than 30 cities, waiting for you to uncover

please contact your local excavator dealer for details

Sichuan Ruiyuan Liugong mechanical equipment Co., Ltd.

address: No. 268, Luohan Road, Pengzhen Town, Shuangliu County, Chengdu, Sichuan Province

our machines are produced with the national production standards every year

inheritance and spanning

birth to maturity, which is a difficult and great process. As the first group of Liugong to enter the field of construction machinery in China, 199, such as 1600 ton and 2000 ton crawler cranes, completed the independent R & D and manufacturing of the first excavator in two years, and focused on ingenuity and excellence in 25 years, just to create the most outstanding excavator brand; Liugong excavator company was established in 2001. After 15 years of transformation and forge ahead, Liugong excavator company has become a world-class leading enterprise in the industry because of the settlement of a batch of new material projects such as DuPont Hongji, Dow glaze and Guangdong Tian'an new material. Traditional materials and processes can no longer meet the development requirements

next stop, Anhui Ruiyuan, November 11, see you or leave

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