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Recently, Qibin group (sha:601636) signed a project cooperation and development agreement with Dongshan County, Fujian Province. The photovoltaic and glass new material industrial park project with a total investment of 15billion yuan planned by Qibin group was officially settled in Dongshan, Fujian Province

it is reported that the first phase of the project plans to use 3785 mu of land, and it is planned to complete the first level development within 18 months, including the construction of thin-film solar cells, new glass materials and other projects. After the completion of the project, it is expected to achieve an annual output value of 30billion yuan. On the one hand, because they are increasingly involved in the development of new products and new processes, the project has been listed as a provincial-level key project, and will become an influential photovoltaic production base in China if the jaw line is partially blocked

previously, Qibin Group subsidiary Heyuan Qibin silicon Co., Ltd. planned to invest nearly 790 million yuan to build a sun-e coated glass production line in Heyuan City, Guangdong Province. According to the company's strategic plan to develop energy-saving glass and solar photovoltaic glass, Qibin silicon will be committed to the R & D and manufacturing of Lo final W-E coated glass, sun-e coated glass, ultra white photovoltaic glass substrate, and TCO coated glass. The project, relying on the advantages of Qibin glass, extends its glass processing industry chain to form new energy manufacturing such as thin-film solar cells and crystalline silicon solar cells, as well as new material deep processing bases such as TCO coated glass, antireflection coated glass, Low-E low radiation energy-saving glass and ultra white glass

at present, Qibin group has two glass production bases in Zhuzhou and Zhangzhou, with a total of four float glass production lines, one Low-E coated glass production line, one TCO coated glass production line, one ultra white photovoltaic substrate production line and one glass deep processing center, with a daily melting capacity of 4600 tons. It has formed a wide range of glass products from silica sand, glass chips, Low-E coated energy-saving glass, TCO coated photovoltaic solar glass The glass industry chain from ultra white photovoltaic substrate production to deep processing and sales

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