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The 15th China (Foshan) machinery and equipment exhibition was solemnly opened

the autumn wind was cool and the osmanthus fragrance was fragrant, ushering in the annual South China machinery industry procurement event - on October 16, the 15th China (Foshan) machinery and equipment exhibition was solemnly opened. In addition to maintaining the scale of previous years, this Foshan machinery exhibition also invited a number of high-end machinery products, automation and robot enterprises, and a number of professional purchasing groups, which played a positive role in promoting the development, transformation and upgrading of the equipment manufacturing industry in Foshan and even Guangdong

this exhibition, such as bracket holes, bushings, working surfaces with axle holes, reducers, etc., will continue to be hosted by the Industry Association - China Machinery Industry Federation and undertaken by Shun Lian International Machinery City. The exhibition area remains above 25000 square meters. This technology has slowed down the energy, resources and environmental problems faced by the high-molecular material processing industry. More than 1000 international standard booths, divided into three theme exhibition areas, have strongly invited nearly 400 domestic well-known machinery and equipment enterprises to participate in the construction Fair, of which local enterprises are still the main force

among the brands participating in the exhibition are Taiwan xiehong, Paisen machinery (Tianjin Shangjing machinery), Parkson laser, Zhongnan Machinery, Nanfang machine tool, haizhicheng automation equipment, jietaike machinery, Guangdong Zhengjie intelligent technology, hotman machinery, Guangzhou Deli, Guangzhou CNC, Dalian railway CNC, Guangzhou Jiasu, Guangdong Jiehong machinery, Shenzhen micro CNC intelligent machinery, maesta machinery, Taiwan Fengbao, Foshan Guangcheng CNC equipment Dongxingjun accessories, Guangdong Chenwei robot, ande laser intelligent equipment and other hundreds of enterprises

Meeting strict technical standards

the variety of products and equipment exhibited in this exhibition has also been diversified, including mechanical products in the field of metal processing, including CNC machine tools, machining centers, lathes, milling machines, laser/flame cutting machines and other equipment. It is worth noting that in recent years, the display area of 3D printing and industrial robots in the industrial "tuyere" has increased year by year. Many visitors also saw the innovation and progress of science and technology in the information and intelligent era at the exhibition. Open the oil return valve and then bulabula, and the function of one-stop procurement platform is highlighted

the Organizing Committee of Foshan machinery and equipment exhibition once again sincerely thanks all exhibitors, cooperative media, visiting groups and professional visitors for their support. Let's look forward to the 16th Foshan machinery and Equipment Exhibition on October, 2020

: Zhou Lingling

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